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FIFA 22 on Nintendo Switch

Description: FIFA 21 still has a lot to offer, but FIFA enthusiasts have begun to turn their attention to FIFA 22. Handheld FIFA has not yet reached its full potential, but when the new game comes out, can we see it finally achieve great success on Nintendo Switch? See what you can expect on the Switch.

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FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch

EA has a lot of attention on their next football version-including the first full version on two next-generation consoles-but we fully hope to see some improvements on the Nintendo Switch as well.FIFA 21 Switch has mixed reviews and pre-orders. So we know that FIFA 22 will land on Switch.

Game mode

There is no new game mode for FIFA 21 on Nintendo Switch, but can we see EA make improvements to FIFA 22 in time?

World Cup 2022

The obvious new mode implemented by EA will be some form of World Cup mode. Fans’ favorite World Cup mode on FIFA is often the ultimate team mode, which may be a problem for Nintendo Switch users. We hope to have cards like FIFA 14 WC Klose. Currently, the only online mode you can play on Ultimate Team is an online single game, which means that the World Cup mode will be limited to offline only. A World Cup feature is possible in career mode, but is this enough to convince players to pick up the title of Nintendo Switch version?

Ultimate team

Speaking of Ultimate Team, will this year be the year when EA makes major changes to their most profitable game mode?Nintendo Switch users would hope so, but unfortunately, we did not have much hope.Similarly, EA is likely to put their eggs in the Next Gen basket, which may limit their time for production on the Switch.The good news is that the new icon is expected to land on FIFA 22 on Nintendo Switch. Whether we will see the expected complete set in the PlayStation and Xbox versions remains to be seen, but at least there should be some new faces.

Crossplay will be launched in 2022

Free games are popular, such as Fortnite and Warzone leading the trend, and now EA will seek cooperation with them in the FIFA series.In-game purchases are a way to make money, and now it seems that EA will seek to profit from this trend.Konami recently revealed that eFootball (previously known as PES) will be free to play, with the option of purchasing DLC, that can be used in offline game mode.It looks like EA may join the free and cross-play action, so check it out.

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